28pc 58mm Lens Filters Kit for Cameras

28pc 58mm Lens Filters Kit for Cameras


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28pc 58mm Lens Filters Kit for Cameras

Available for:

- Canon EOS (300D, 350D, 400D, 30D, etc)

- Nikon (D50, D40, etc)

- Olympus (E-510, E-410, E400, E330,etc)

Filters are screw-in-type. There are threads on both sides of the filter. Another filter can be screwed onto it. You can put your regular lens cap or filters on. it is possible to stack several of them in front of the camera

Stack Caps is a set of two caps for safe storage of this filter Kit. These Filters are stack packed in the single pouch.

Filters Specification:

- SEPIA FILTER: Creates a warm brown tone and offers a "turn of the century" look to your image. Sepia filters do allow some unwanted colors to pass so monochromatic scenes are recommended.

- FLUORESCENT FILTER: Color correction filters that give natural color renditions with daylight film, eliminating the blue green cast ordinarily resultant from shooting color films under avg. fluorescent lighting without a flash. Useful for cityscapes at night.

- RED FILTER: especially effective for increasing contrast. Ideal for dramatic cloud effects in landscapes. Can also be applied creatively in color and infrared photography.

- GREEN FILTER: Great for correcting skin tones, bringing out facial expressions in close-ups and emphasizing the feeling of liveliness. A green filter is highly effective for indoor portraits under tungsten lighting

- YELLOW FILTER: A yellow filter is highly effective for outdoor portraits because red is rendered dark while green appear lighter. These filters are designed for use with Black & White photography. However, they can be used in color photography to produce special color effects.

- ORANGE FILTER: Increases contrast between reds and yellows. Particularly useful for distant outdoor shots taken with a telephoto lens. Also useful in color photography for spectacular sunsets, seascapes, etc. These filters are primarily designed for use with Black & White photography. However, they can be used in color photography to produce special color effects.

- BLUE FILTER: This set of three strongly colored filters in Moonlight Blue, Vivid Pink and Deep Mauve can be used to give a single color effect over the whole of a picture. Used in daylight, the Moonlight Blue filter gives the effect of a night time, moonlit scene whilst the other two filters allow graphic and unusual images to be produced for special impact.

- DIFFUSER FILTER : This filter reduces contrast and as such can be used for taking picture with variable soft effects. As the filters soften the skin-texture, the portraits of ladies can be made very charming. Effects strongest with 50-100 mm or bigger focal length lenses at larger apertures.

- DUTO DIFFUSER FILTER : Filters have fine concentric lines etched on the surface; the center is usually sharp, effective in portrait photography

- SOFTEN DIFFUSER FILTER : Randomly arranged minute lens, on the surface of the acrylic filter. Creates a picture with a clear focus and soft gradation. Softens can be used together to increase the soft effect.

- SPECIAL SOFTEN DIFFUSER FILTER 3 : Used in portraits to retain overall image clarity while softening unwanted details. Will tone down wrinkles and skin blemishes, while leaving the eyes appearing sharp. Available in several densities.

- LINEAR POLARIZER FILTER : Polarizer is used to reduce or remove reflections. Linear Polarizer Filter supresses unwanted light reflection such as on the glass and on the water. The Polarizer can be rotated to determine the amount of reflection to be removed.

- RAINBOW FILTER: Multiple colors are created by this filter

- NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER: Neutral density filters are used to restrict the amount of light passing through them into the lens, they are used to allow wider apertures or slower shutter speeds to be used.

- VERI CROSS FILTER: This is the rotating star filter.

- CLOSE UP +1 +2 +4 & MACRO: Cameras fitted with normal lenses do not permit us to move closer than a certain minimum distance from the object being photographed. The Close-Up lens, which is simply mounted in the front of our normal taking lens, permits the taking of close-ups and also makes possible the photography of details which would be quite impossible without using the Close-Up lens.

The easy to use solution for getting extra close. These lenses enable you to get much closer than the minimum focus of the standard camera lens - as close as 4 inches from the subject. Ideal for cataloging small items and focusing on details.
Close up helps you go closer to a subject and help you to enlarge a particular portion from a group photograph. Because of short distance , depth -of- field being shallow, use of smallest lens stop is recommended.

Macro lens has the biggest magnification. It is used to capture the small things.

- CENTER IMAGE SAND FILTER: It produces crisp, clear, sharp image in the center, surrounded by smoky screen, gradually fading towards edges.

- CENTER IMAGE SOFT FILTER : Around a sharp-focused center the surrounding area shades of the focus. So clear central portion is surrounded by imaginative, dreamy, multicolored and balloon studded environment.

- TWO FIELD : The two field lens is used for that special shot where two subjects one "distanct" and the other "closer", both need sharp focusing within the same picture frame. The attachment mounted in rotating rings helps to get a sharp and magnified foreground while maintaining the background in focus.

- 5 IMAGE FILTER : Effect is strongest with a dark background and at large aperture. The rotating ring helps proper subject composition. This attachment contains a square prism in the center of the attachment surface and four prisms in the outer area. It produces five images surrounded by four identical images which may be moved around the periphery by turning the rotating mount.

- 3 IMAGE FILTER: It produces oneimages surrounded by two identical images Effect is strongest with a dark background and at large aperture. It produces three images and it has a rotating ring to help proper subject composition.

- 8 FLAIR STAR FILTER: This star filter creates 8 flairs.

- 4 FLAIR STAR FILTER: Star filters consist of plain glass etched with lines, in a grid pattern. Produces a star effect from pinpoint light sources (sun reflections, city lights, candle light, bulb lights, holiday lights, etc.) To get sharply defined

- DOUBLE EXPOSER FILTER: with this attachment you can capture two different snaps side by side, in required composition. The aperture can be used with wide-angle lenses and with telephoto lenses. The lighting must be same for both the exposure and the camera must be mounted on a tripod.

28pc 58mm Lens Filters Kit for Cameras