• La Sardina "Czar" Lomography 35mm Film Camera
  • La Sardina "Czar" Lomography 35mm Film Camera

La Sardina "Czar" Lomography 35mm Film Camera


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La Sardina "Czar" Lomography 35mm Film Camera



It's a wide-angle camera from Lomography that channels the design of the humble sardine can. The camera is equipped with wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial - everything that you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. This deep-sea sensation is sure to become your constant companion.


- Mindblowing Wide-Angle Lens
- Rewind Dial that makes multiple exposures easier than ever before!
- Film cartridge window on the rear of camera - to see what film you're shooting.
- Easy-to-use focusing with two simple settings
- Bulb setting for night-time and long-exposure experimentation
- Screw-in Cable Release Option
- Incredible collection of unique La Sardina editions – a design for every mood and occasion
- Comes with a special open-spine book to serve as your inspiration


- Film Type: Standard 35mm (135)
- Exposure Area: 36mm x 24mm
- Lens Focal Length: 21mm
- Aperture: Fixed f/8
- Angle of view: 89 degrees
- Shutter Speed: Bulb (B), 1/100 (N)
- Closest Focusing Distance: 0.6m
- Focusing Steps: Two Step Focusing -- 0.6m-1m, 1m-Infinity
- View Finder: Inverse Galileo-Type Built-in Viewfinder
- Film Counting: Auto Film Counting
- Film Stopping: Yes
- Multiple Exposures: Yes
- Cable Release Connection: Yes
- Tripod Mount: 1/4' Tripod Screw
 - Shutter Release Lock: Shutter Locks After Lens Collapsed



La Sardina "Czar" Lomography 35mm Film Camera