Raketa 24h German Junkers 87 watch

Raketa 24h German Junkers 87 watch

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24 HOURS JUNKERS 87 mechanical wristwatch. Dial background with German Eagle
insignia on the top and fighting Junker Ju 87 front image below.

Case is 37 mm (40 mm inc.crown) x h 9 mm

Mechanical 40h winding

24-hour dial

Case - stainless alloy neusilber

16 Ruby jewels

Comes with leather band

History of Junkers Ju 87 Dive-Bombers. The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka was the most
famous Sturzkampfflugzeug (German dive bomber) in World War II, instantly recognisable
by its inverted gull-wings and fixed undercarriage. The Stuka's design featured
some innovative features, including an automatic pull-up system to ensure that
the plane recovered from its attack dive even if the pilot blacked out from
the high acceleration, and wind-powered sirens on the wheel covers that wailed
during dives to scare its victims. (A similar technique is shown in the movie
Apocalypse Now). Its rugged fixed undercarriage allowed it to land and take-off
from improvised airstrips close to the battlefront, giving close support to
the advancing German forces. The Stuka was sturdy, accurate, and very effective,
but also slow, unmaneuverable, underarmed, and vulnerable to enemy fighters.
The Germans learned in the Battle of Britain that air superiority must be obtained
before ground attack aircraft could be effectively used. After the Battle of
Britain, the Stuka was little used in western Europe, but it remained effective
further south where Allied fighters were in short supply (notably in the attacks
on Crete and Malta), and was used in vast numbers on the Eastern Front, although
the steady rise in Soviet airpower as the war progressed meant that Stuka squadrons
suffered very heavy losses. More than six thousand Ju 87 were built between
1936 and August 1944.

Raketa 24h German Junkers 87 watch