Radiation Dosimeter Geiger Counter DKS Atomtex AT3509

Radiation Dosimeter Geiger Counter DKS Atomtex AT3509

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Radiation Dosimeter Geiger Counter DKS AT3509



Modern wide-range accurate microprocessor instruments to control personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) and dose rate of continuous and short-term x-ray and gamma radiation. Together with the reader connected to PC the dosimeter can be a part of automated monitoring system of staff dose burden. The dosimeters are intended to measure personal dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate x-ray and gamma radiation. They measure dose rate in a wide range and have separate audible and visual alarm.

Microprocessor processing and proper background detection ensure high accuracy of dose measurement within the wide dose rate measuring range. The microprocessor controls operation modes over, calculates, outputs data on a backlit LCD and performs self-testing.



- Silicon flat detector
- Compensative filter and electronic energy response correction by 4-channel analog processor
- Proof against the microphonic effect
- Self-testing mode
- Possibility to use separately or in a system



- Dosimeter
- Box
- Manual



Personal dose equivalent (in increment of 0.1 µSv): 1 µSv - 10 Sv
Personal dose equivalent rate: 0.1 µSv/h - 1 Sv/h
Intrinsic dose measurement error

with no accompanying beta radiation:

± 15 %
Calibration error on 137Cs: ± 5 %
Energy range: 15 keV - 10 MeV
Response time to dose rate change

when dose rate > 10 µSv/h:

5 s
Radiation overload: up to 10 Sv/h
Operating temperature range: -10 - + 40 С
Relative humidity at + 35 С: до 90 %
Protection class: IP54
Power: 2 batteries, type ААА, (LR03) or accumulators
Continuous operation time with one battery set

when dose rate < 100 µSv/h:

not less than 500 h
Dimensions: 105x58x23 mm
Weight (without batteries): 100 g


Radiation Dosimeter Geiger Counter DKS Atomtex AT3509