Loreo 3D Stereo 9005 Lens for Sony Alpha/Minolta AF

Loreo 3D Stereo 9005 Lens for Sony Alpha/Minolta AF


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Loreo 3D Stereo 9005 Lens for Sony Alpha/Minolta AF



Takes two parallel image pairs which are suitable for 4x6 inch prints or digital viewing. This lens has a focal length of 40mm and a stereo base (interocular distance) of 90mm. This 3-D lens also has a focus coupled Parallax Compensation system. When the lens is focused on a subject at a given distance, the image pitch is automatically adjusted within the unit itself to suit the object distance. This works from 1.5 meters to infinity. The adjustment of the relative positions of the image pair can be viewed in the viewfinder, or with Live View in modern digital SLR cameras. Once a user learns how to use the lens, focusing can actually be done by parallax compensation alone. When the subject appears in the same relative position in both the left and right image in the viewfinder, it will automatically be in focus.



Lens Type: 3D, parallel view
Lens system: 40 mm, f11-22, 2 element, plastic polymer composite
Sensor Format: APS-C format subframe digital SLR sensor - ~ (22 - 24) x (14.5 - 16) mm
Diaphragm: Twin Blade, f11, f16, f22 with click stops
Focus Adjustment: Focusing slider continuous from 1.5m to infinity
Accessory Lens: 58mm filter thread. Maximum outer diameter 86 mm. Minimum rear lens diameter 44mm. Suitable for wide angle and tele converters
Focusing Range: 1.5m to infinity
Stereo Base: 90 mm (distance between the two light paths)
Dimensions: Measured head on facing the lens: W = 165mm, H = 73mm, L = 65mm (including mount)
Special Feature: Gives an APS-C format subframe digital SLR camera 3D capabilities using normal processing. Retains many of the features of an SLR camera, such as through the lens viewing, auto exposure, TTL flash. Focus coupled Parallax Compensation. Parallax feedback focus aid.
Body: Lightweight silver-grey plastic body. Fibre reinforced chassis. Hand made. Manual lens, all mechanical parts, no electronics.
Weight: 170g


The lens is for Sony Alpha A100 and A700 (Minolta AF mount) - which require the shutter lock to be disabled. The Alpha A100 and A700 work with Loreo lenses in automatic mode. The anti-shake feature improves lighting conditions by 1-2 stops.

Also will work with A33, A55, A200, A230, A300, A330, A350, A500, A550, A850 which do not have a separate feature to disable the shutter lock. These cameras should be used in manual focus mode (MF).

Loreo 3D Stereo 9005 Lens for Sony Alpha/Minolta AF