• GSM Bug GB001
  • GSM Bug GB001

GSM Bug GB001


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 This 2 In 1 Phone Battery Charger and Detectaphone can be used to charge phone batteries and digital camera batteries and can used as detectaphone when SIM card is entered. It has the common shape of general chargers, very convert, not easy to be discovered. The detectaphone can be rechaged while battery charging is on.

A unique design, small frame and sturdy construction encompass the rich SIM technology beneath it`s compact shell. Embed condense, sensitive microphone, which could pick up any ambient sound. 

When the need comes, or unforgettable moment occurs, just dial up the SIM number, it runs silently at any circumstance, and help you capture needed sound of its surrounding.

Its internal battery could provide 2~3 hours working time, with external extra battery, it is capable of constantly running up to 6~7 hours. It is a covert surveillance tool made for everybody.

 Do not insert the SIM into the slot in the wrong direction:

* Charge the SIM card

* Take out the SIM card cover.

* Place the SIM card into the slot with the contact points facing the ground

(according to the pictures indication)

* Shift the left switch LED indication will be activated after the SIM card is correctly inserted.

SIM spy will completed initialization and maintain in stand-by status.

Just dial the SIM card number, you could hear the sound around the SIM card spy.

* Take out the SIM card 10 second later after the LED is off.

* Please do not use it to engage any illegal activity.




Frequency:  900, 1800 (don't support CDMA sim card)
Microphone range:  10~14 Meters (diameter), 4 direction
Sensitivity: -\+ 10K
GSM: 900 MHz ~ 1900 MHz
Support SIM: All GSM SIM card compatible
MicroWave Frequency:  2400 MHz ~ 6 GHz
Working temp: -40~50 degree C
Responding frequency:   1.2K~800Khz




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GSM Bug GB001